UAEU - Industry 4.0


"Bringing The 4th Industrial Revolution to UAE"

23 Feb 2021
Session 1: 11am~1pm
Session 2: 3pm~5pm UAE time
Social Robotics Research and Applications During and Beyond the Pandemic
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The Industry 4.0 District is a major undertaking by UAE University as part of its ambitious plan to be the “University of the Future”. This “District” will host Labs that will bring about different aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution into the education of UAEU students in terms of courses and programs, projects, research, and industrial applications. The “District” will start by hosting five major laboratories, namely; Robotics and Artificial Laboratory, Mini-Factory, Fabrication Laboratory, App Factory, and a Materials Library. Students, faculty, freelancers, and industries will have access to these labs to be able to try out, prototype, and test their ideas in different fields and may be guided in turning their ideas into commercial products. We anticipate that “District 4.0” will transform the way we conduct education in the STEM fields in the region.


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Industry 4.0 District Labs' Directors


Director of the Mini-Factory lab

Dr. Hamad Al Jassmi | Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Enginr.- College of Engineering


Director of the AI and Robotics Lab

Dr. Fady Alnajjar | Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, College of Information Technology


Director of the Fabrication Laboratory

Dr. Khalifa Harib | Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering


Director of the App Factory

Dr.  Maryam Yammahi | Assistant Professor, Department of Computer &Network Engineering, College of Information Technology


Director of the Materials Library 

Prof.  Abdel-Hamid Ismail Mourad | Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering


Materials Library  

The materials library is a hub for accessing knowledge pertaining materials composition, materials selection and materials fabrication processes.

 AI & Robotics  Lab

The Lab is devoted to share and provide the skills and knowledge to creatively implement a broad spectrum of AI and Robotics research methods and applications

Fabrication Lab

The FabLab will provide facilities and expertise in subtractive and additive manufacturing

App Factory

AppFactory is a Laboratory to provide faculty, students, and outside hobbyists from different disciplines to build Apps 

Mini-Factory Lab

Mini-Factory is a destination where Colleges of Engineering, College of Science and College of Information Technology will collaborate to process and program Mini-Factory robots for value-added industrial applications . 

General Enquiries and Location

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Feb 23, 2021